Rethink coordinates programming under two umbrellas:  ROOTS CREW PROGRAMMING (for 10-14 year-old youth) and BRANCH DIVISION PROGRAMMING (for 15-23 year-old youth).

Each programming umbrella has a school-year component that takes place between August and May and a summer component that takes place between June and August.   


All Rethink programs and activities build off of a fundamental Rethink philosophy, culture and curriculum. At the foundation of all Rethink activities is an intentional Rethink culture that is based on the core philosophy of “power among” not “power over.” This is practiced daily through the Rethink Circle. Based on Native American and African meeting protocols and customs, the Rethink Circle invites all members, no matter their age or status, to conduct daily business by sitting face-to-face in a circle of chairs, and offering their thoughts in turn.


Community Clubs: school and community based after school programming where youth become engaged in shifting power in the world they know best, their own school. 

Research and Investigation in New Orleans (R.A.I.N) Club:  7-month opportunity to Roots Crew veterans to learn how to use participatory action research to name the conditions of their lives and take action to challenge status quo.


Amandla Education Collective (AEC):  Organizes around equitable education.

Maroon  Seed Collective (MSC):  Organizes around food oppression and land access.

Awethu Media Collective (AMC):  Organizes around shifting narratives about Black youth.

Basecamp Collective:  Organizes around juvenile justice reform

UJIMA Collective:  6-month leadership intensive for lead organizers