June 30, 2017

Branch Division

Branch Division Collectives are intentionally grouped youth of color (ages 15-22) who work together to address a specific issue related to rethink’s 5 point platform.  Each collective is lead by a team of 2 youth who are members of Rethink’s vanguard.

  • Amandla Education Collective (AEC) – Education Equity/Education for Liberation
  • Maroon Seed Collective (MSC) – Food and Land Sovereignty
  • Jo Power Collective (JPC) – Transformative Justice with No Police or Prisons

Summer for Branch Division is focused the Ujima internship –  a paid 6 month intensive designed to train lead youth organizers to become the vanguard of the organization.  Ujima interns learn strategies for liberation and develop their capacity to take the lead or Rethink campaigns, organizing strategy and tactics base on the goal of collective liberation.  FREE THE MIND.  FREE THE LAND.  FREE THE PEOPLE.